Sci alpinismo

Wonderful descent in the powdery snow, close to the ski tracks of the Monterosaski resort and in other mountain resort in the Alps (La Grave, Chamonix, Verbier)

Corso A.R.T.V.A.
“Safety course” night: every day, after your ski day, the Guides organise activities to show you how to react in an avalanche emergency.
All the arguments like safety in high mountain, research with tranceiver, shovel and probe, and group safety will be treatened.
Book the ARTVA camp before and learn how to go skiing off pist safely!
Corso scialpinismo
Four days for who wants tolearn how to move safety on all the slopes and powder places, with ski and skins.
The arguments will be a lot, from the ascent technique to the safety of the entire group during the skiing.

During the lessons you’ll learn how to use all the techniques and the instruments used during the trips. You’ll try the transceiver research and the avalanche safety techniques.
We’ll speak about nivology and meteorology, about mountaineering techniques, gps and topography.

Days of courses 2015:
Course 1) 9th, 16th, 23rd and 24th of January
Course 2) 30th, 31st of January and 1st, 2nd of February
Course 3) 23rd, 24th, 25th, 26th of February
Course 4) 13th, 27th of February and 12th, 13th of March
Course 5) 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th of April – ski for free special!

Price from 245 € per person!

Day 1
Bettolina pass 3140m     

From colle Bettaforca (2670m) and descent to St Jacques in the Vallone di Verra. About 450 m of hiking uphill.

Day 2
Lago Perrin 2876m

The perfect Powder spot hidden not far away from the ski-lifts. About 400 m of touring uphill we get to a really nice area in the shadow.

Day 3
Valle perduta

Routes in the Punta Indren area, perfect spot to use all the knowledge learned duri the course.

The off pist skiing allows you to go out of the ski slopes and in the most wonderful places and less frequented areas of the valley.
In high mountain, on fresh snow, in no crowded places, is better to go with the mountain experts, they know beauties and dangers of mountains and you can enjoy totally the descent, in the maximum of safety.
We describe here some of the most used off piste skiing trips in Ayas Valley. There are a lot more, that you can discover with our Guides!
Colle Perrin
Withgood snow conditions lake perrin is the perfect powder spot hiddennot far away from the ski-lifts. We start by taking the ski-lift upsarezza, then we have a short traverse before we put skins under ourskiis. After about 400 m of touring uphill we get to a really nicearea in the shadow. A perfect example of a hidden spot in our searchfor the powder! A true snow secret
Zubepass and Giacchetti couloir
Perfectroutes to start with the steep skiing.

From Champolucto Passo dei Salati by ski-lifts. On the pist to gabiet we willtraverse off-pist to the left to get a little valley. We will walk upthis little valley to the Zube pass, in about 45 minutes.

From thereafter few meters of descent we will turn left to get the bottom ofthe steep couloir. In the beginning quite narrow it gradually openmore and more and get down to the vallone d’Olen.

From the pistto pianalunga and back to Champoluc by ski-lift

Passnorth testa grigia and canale north-east
Thecouloir north-east of the Testa Grigia is a superb route, alwayssteep but never extreme, where you really need to know the places andthe snow conditions.

FromChampoluc to Sarezza by ski-lift. After 200m descent we will wear theskins and climb up the little valley that come from the pass north ofTesta Grigia. In about one hour and half we will get to the pass at3023.

Thedescent starts on smooth slopes that get to “mezzaluna” littlecouloir narrow and steep(first it looks like a canyon). After we getto the middle slopes. We will traverse there to the right until weget to the top of the couloir north-east. It ends up at the bottom ofthe valley. One km to the right you get to the ski-lifts of PuntaJolanda. From there back to Champoluc by ski-lifts.

Passo superiore di Bettolina 3140m
Classictour, starting from colle della bettaforca (2670m), perfect for whois beginner in the freeride world, with only one hour of hiking upand a really nice desent in the wild vallone di Verra. You willenjoy the perfect view on the most famous peaks of the Monte Rosa.

Hikingup: 470m

Colle vascoccia and vallone di Nana desent
Fromthe antagnod ski-area with about one hour of touring uphill, we getto the vascoccia col. The hiking is very easy and nice, not too steepand panoramic, we will go between old chapel and tipic chalet andstable.From the col a lot of couloirs of different difficulties start to get in the vallone di Nana.

Themost difficult couloirs need a rope and an expert guide to befounded!!

Thedesent end in frachey where with the lifts we get back to champoluc.

Valle perduta - Lost Valley
Thevalle perduta run, togheter with “la malfatta”, is for sure oneof the main spot of the mithic Rosa powder!

Westart traversing from the ski-lift Punta Indren crossing over theglacier, we get to an area with many couloirs with about a 30 minhike near rifugies Mantova and Gnifetti. Here is where the runsstart. Depending on the group and the conditions, the guide will pickthe best couloir. Going down these couloirs most of the times meansusing a rope.

Oncedown on the glacier we ski down a really wild and fashinating areathrew seracs and moraines under the most famous 4000m peaks of montrosa!

Colle del Rothorn
Antica via di collegamento tra la valle di Ayas e la valle di Gressoney, il Colle del Rothorn può essere raggiunto anche in inverno. Questa escursione offre panorami unici e molteplici itinerari, di diversa difficoltà ed impegno sempre alla ricerca della polvere nascosta e dei pendii vergini.

Il colle si raggiunge sfruttando gli impianti del colle sarezza e la risalita con le pelli di circa 400m in circa un’ora!

Offpist day in Zermatt
Emotionantsruns in famous swiss ski-area, through the Untertheodulgletsher.

We will leave from Champoluc by taxi to get to Cervinia, and get up to Plateau Rosa with the lifts. Wonderful desent on the swiss glacier to get Furi,above Zermatt. From there we will get back to the Piccolo Cervino (3862m) with the lifts and get back to Champoluc skiing thewild Vallone delle cime bianche.

The Malfatta
Greatroute that using the lift of Punta Indren will get you in one of themost beautiful desent of the Monte Rosa

From Punta Indren we start a traverse to the alagna side. Near the stationof the old indren lift we will go down on the bors glacier. From there we get to a little col on the left of Punta Malfatta, where acouloir start. Using the rope we will safety ski down this part toget the perfect run above. This is for sure one of the most beautiful desent in the Monte Rosa!

The run end up in alagna where with the lifts we get back to Champoluc.

Vallée Blanche
Wonderfuldesent on the glaciers of the Mont Blanc.

We will leavewith the taxi to courmayeur, and get to Punta Helbronner with thelift of the Monte Bianco. Magnificient desent offpist of the “Vallée Blanche” to get to chamonix in France!! Get back to champoluc by taxi in the evening.

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