A flight in helicopter, followed by an exciting descent on the Monte Rosa glaciers, in a unique and wild environment.

Heliski in Monte Rosa is an unforgettable experience!

Glacierslandscape, perfect skiable faces, powder snow and runs of over 2000mare the best ingridients, but will be your guide to show you the bestof the MonteRosa!

Heliski with descent on Zermatt
1 day of heliski (flight to Verra Pass 3800 m or Lys Pass 4200 m, descent to Furi Zermatt, ascent with lifts to Klein Matterhorn and down to Saint Jacques).

Landings: Lys Pass 4248m – Felik Pass 4086m – Verra Pass 3838m

Descent itineraries:

N° 1 Lys Pass 4248m – Grenz – Furi Zermatt 1810m
N° 2 Felik Pass 4061m – Zwillings – Furi Zermatt 1810m
N° 3 Verra Pass 3848m – Portanera Furi Zermatt 1810m

Go back itineraries:

N° 1 Klein Matterhorn 3884 Cime Bianche Pass 3086m – Saint Jacques 1680m
N° 2 Klein Matterhorn 3884m -Breithorn Pass 3828– Saint Jacques 1680m

Heliski with descent on Saint Jacques
Landings: Verra Pass 3838m, Felik Pass 4086m, Quintino Sella Mountain Hut 3585m, Bettolina Pass 3135m.

Descent itineraries:
N° 1 Verra Pass 3848m – Saint Jacques 1680m
N° 2 Felik Pass 4061m – Saint Jacques 1680m
N° 3 Felik Pass 4061m Q.Sella Mountain Hut 3585m– Saint Jacques 1680m
N° 4 Bettolina Pass 3135m – Saint Jacques 1680m

Heliski with descent on Gressoney Staffal
Landing: Lys Pass 4248m, Felik Pass 4086m, Quintino Sella Mountain Hut 3585m

Descent itineraries: 
N° 1 felik pass 4086m – Quintino Sella Hut – Staffal 1800m
N° 2 Lys Pass 4248m- Lost Valley – Staffal 1800m
N° 3 Lys Pass 4248m – Salza Pass – Staffal 1800
N° 4 Lys Pass 4248m – Gabiet Valley – Staffal 1800

Heliski with descent on Champoluc
Landings: Testa Grigia 3314m

Descent itineraries:
N° 1 Testa Grigia 3314m – Champoluc 1600m

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