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marin obert
Marin Obert

Tel/Phone +39 348.51.86.479

I’m Marin Obert, born in 1960, I became candidate Mountaineering Guide in 1979 and I’m Guide from the 1980. At home I’ve always “breath mountain air”, because three of my brothers were Guides and also my grandfather was a Guide! I’ve been in the 80s in an expedition in Nepal, and I loved that places. I came back to that part of the world several times, for trekking, with friends and then with clients. I climbed the Shisha Pangma, the only one 8000 m peak of my career. I love my work, also if I don’t practice it all the year long. The area that I know better is the Monte Rosa, but I go often also in new and different places.

Marco Spataro

Tel/Phone +39 347.25.10.851

Marco Spataro, Guide and photographer, lives in high Ayas Valley, close to the Monte Rosa, where he climbs its peaks alone or with his clients. When he was a child walked with his father in all the mountains of Aosta Valley, by feet or by ski. And his father, Remo, gave to him his love for photography and mountain. This love became for him a work. During his hikes, in the Valley and abroad, he looks for the better light and framing to fix them with his Nikon. The images give importance to the love for the landscape and to the emotions. Marco works for mountain and tourism magazines where he publishes articles and itineraries.

Simone Origone

Tel/Phone +39 348.24.56.879

Mauro Cout
Mauro Cout

Tel/Phone +39 347.14.72.576

Stefano Percino
Stefano Percino

Tel/Phone +39 347.03.44.526

Born in 1974 in the surroundings of Novara and moved in Ayas Valley at the age of 20, lives now with his wife and his three children in Antagnod. The passion for the mountain lead him to his first steps on the glaciers of Monte Rosa climbing all the peaks of the chain by different roads. He went to the Himalayan glaciers, on the Shishapaghma, and to the South American glaciers, on the Yshinca, Hurus, Tochliaracu and Huascaran. He knows the best places in Ayas Valley and for him it will be a pleasure to lead you wherever you don’t dare to go.

Rudy Perronet

Tel/Phone +39 339.82.20.071


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Matteo Calcamuggi

Tel/Phone +39 338.11.56.707

Patrick Chasseur
Patrick Chasseur

Tel/Phone +39 347.77.11.296

Born in Aosta the 22nd of February 1985, he grows up in Champoluc. Here he approaches the mountains following his father, passionate of mountaineering and ski. Between 2003 and 2005 he works in the Mountain Hut Guide d’Ayas. This experience gives him contact with the Alpine Guides world, contact augmented with his volunteering in the Alpine Rescue and his work as pisteur/secouriste on the Monterosa Ski resort. He tries the exams for the Mountaineering Guide courses and he started them in 2011. He’s now Candidate Mountaineering Guide.


Alex Chadel
Alex Chadel

Tel/Phone +39 340.47.30.847

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Gian Andrea Frachey
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Adriano Favre

Tel/Phone +39 348.31.11.535

Nasce nel 1956, diventa Asp. Guida nel 1975 e Guida nel 1980.
Oltre all’attività svolta nel Monte Rosa, Svizzera e Valle d’Aosta, ha una notevole attività extraeuropea in Nepal e Cina dove ha scalato tre “Ottomila” Manaslu, Dhaulagiri, Shisha Pangma e partecipato a numerose altre spedizioni himalayane (Everest, K2, Kangchentjunga, Annapurna, Churen, Himal) e in Africa dove ha salito tutte le maggiori vette (Kenia, Kilimangiaro, Ruwenzori, Hoggar e Atlas).
Attualmente è il Direttore responsabile del Soccorso Alpino Valdostano.

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Mario Obert

Tel/Phone +39 338.73.11.297


Guide emerite

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Giuseppe Dondeynaz
Nasce ad Ayas  nel 1931

diventa A.Guida nel 1957 e guida nel 1961
Socio fondatore della nostra Società

Attualmente Guida Emerita

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Silvio Obert
A. Guida nel 1969

attualmente non esercità più la professione

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Jean Battiste Obert
avatar guide
Pierluigi Dondeynaz
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Alfredo Favre